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Sorry to answer quite late, hope it still can help…


For the colon(“:”), it’s a HCOLON, defined as:





So basically, the “whitespace” BEFORE the actual colon can be any amount
of SP or HTAB (or a combination), but NO CRLF.

And the “whitespace” AFTER the column can be any amount of SP or HTAB or
CRLF (or a combination), up to the point where you get a “whitespace” (SP
or HTAB) not followed by CRLF or another WSP…


For your other question, I tried to answer in another email.







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Hi, all

Now , I meet a big problem in the SIP message parsing―the structure of
header field:


1.  field-name :  field-value

on either side of the colon(":"), the arbitrary amount of whitespace is
unlimited in theory. So what does the “whitespace” mean? a SP or HTAB?


2. a folding field-value

   If the SIP header field values be folded onto multiple lines. 

For instance,

   Subject: This is a test    =>     Subject: This
                                        is a test
So on the two lines, which kind of character will follow the word “This"
and "test"as an end of each line?
Is there still a CRLF? before interpreting the field value of “Subject”,
should I use a single SP instead of  all the special spaces between “This”
and “is”?
Moreover, is there any possible that these following fields to be split into
a multiple line representation? 
          Call-ID, CSeq, From, Context-Type


Merry Christmas!






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