[SIPForum-discussion] Config Sip2 for Linux

Brian Clanton bclanton at dupagels.lib.il.us
Thu Dec 27 18:15:22 UTC 2007

I am a Systems Technician for an Illinois Library System and we are in the
process of migrating to a Unicorn based system for our Library customers.

We are also implementing a Proxy Server (EZproxy) that will connect to our
Unicorn server (RHEL) via sip2 and authenticate our remote patrons by
checking to see if the user is in fact a patron of library X on the Unicorn

I have EZproxy up and running on a Linux Fedora 7 machine and I am trying to
make sense of the sip2.cfg file on the Unicorn server, but there is very
little documentation out there regarding SIP.

I found a lot of useful whitepapers that give a more than adequate overview
of how SIP works on the sipforum website, but I need something that explains
the configuration of SIP on a Linux machine, specifically something that
outlines all the tags / values in the sip2.cfg file and / or a tutorial on
basic SIP setup on a Linux Proxy Server.

Any information anyone can give me would be much appreciated.

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