[SIPForum-discussion] Need Help in SIPP for flow of RTP

Dan York dyork at voxeo.com
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As I mentioned earlier this week in a reply to a previous message you wrote asking for help with SIPP, I would suggest you go to:


join the SIPP mailing list listed there and then post this question there to users of SIPP.  I am sure you will get a far better and faster response about your problem than you will here.

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Date: 26 Dec 2007 11:44:48 
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Subject: [SIPForum-discussion] Need Help in SIPP for flow of RTP

     I am running SIPP in the linux machine. i have used 2 scripts. for client i have used sample scripts available in sipp (uac_pcap.xml). for server i have used sample script avalibble in sipp(uassample1.xml).I am running the  server script by giving command
 ./sipp -sf uassample1.xml -mp 20045.[here i am getting port numberas 5091 i.e the port number on which server listens]
 & running the client script by giving command
 ./sipp  -sf uacrtp.xml -mi -mp 20045. 
             After running the scripts I am finding that RTP packets are being geenerated on client script. But In the Ethrial No RTP packet is mentioned. Can any body tell me whether i have to change the script or chnage the command to run the script.

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