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Rico S. Salgado rico.salgado at novare.com.hk
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Hello there,


Try to remove the ".xml".   -sn option means you will use the default
scenario.  If you have created uac.xml SIP scenario, use -sf options instead


-m        : stops when number of calls are performed

-s         : Set the username part of the request URI


[See help option for more details "sipp -h"]


Sipp works pretty much the same as other UNIX utilities.  Option is the key
to control its behavior and different options apply may apply on scenario
you want to test. http://sipp.sourceforge.net/doc/reference.html has almost
everything that you need to know about using sipp (you may explore the


Hope that helps.







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  Hi senthil 
      When i am typing UAC  ./sipp -sn uac.xml -i <local ip address> -m 1 -s
< Caller
the system gives UAC is not recongnized as a internal command. in the place
of caller number i am putting 1234. what m & -s stands for. plz help me out
. thank u for u r help.

On Tue, 18 Dec 2007 shiva kumar wrote :
>Go to command prompt and go to the sipp folder where it is installed and
>there type the command sipp. so you can see all the help there.
>If you have installed in the program files directory then Startmenu--> sipP
>--> start SIPp Shell.
>to run a script from a file:
>sipp -sf <filename> -m 1 <server-IP>
>-m 1 --> this implies that only one request is sent from sipp to the
>If you want to have more info please reply.
>On 18 Dec 2007 10:47:20 -0000, mwilliam prusty <
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> >
> > Hi
> >
> >  Any body has experience in SIPP tool. ?? i am in stalled SIPP tool , in
> > windows PC. I have also sigwynn in stalled. How to run the scripts . Plz
> > help
> >
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