[SIPForum-discussion] Diff b/w Session and Dialog

Raj Jain rj2807 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 12:02:56 UTC 2007

A session can be thought of as a somewhat abstract notion of media
exchange. Perhaps, it'll help to think it terms of how sessions can be
modified independently of a dialog. For instance, when people say I'm
sending you a session modification request, they are referring to a
modified SDP that'll describe what kind of a media change is being

A dialog is a well-defined state machine that exists in the SIP layer
in the TCP/IP model. RFC 3261 describes how a dialog is identified and
how it functions. Note that a session modification request doesn't
change the state of the dialog at the SIP layer.

- Raj

On Dec 13, 2007 4:07 AM, Anurag Singh <abcanurag at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
>   Can anyone explain tahat what is difference b/w a dialog and a session in
> SIP. better if give an example and  Why is it needed
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> Anurag Singh
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