[SIPForum-discussion] Doubt regarding SDP exchange

Abhinav Gandhi abhinav.gandhi at suncorptech.com
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Dear Murugesh, 
 PCM (A-law) is used for communication. The priority of UAC (one sending
the INVITE) is considered.


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		Hi All,
		 I have a small doubt regarding the SDP negotiation
between a User Agent Client - UAC & User Agent Server - UAS. The below
is the setup.
		UAC Configurations:  1st  priority     PCMA (A-law) 
		                                2nd priority     PCMU
		UAS Configurations:    1st  priority     PCMU (U-Law) 
		                                2nd priority     PCMA
		If UAC sends INVITE with Codec supporting PCMA (A-law)
and PCMU (U-Law) with PCMA has high priority as per the above
configurations, how does the SERVER should respond? Does serevr should
consider the priority of its own first or it should consider the
priority of the client first .... Both server and client can support
both U-law & A-law but only the priority changes..  

		<mailto:discussion at sipforum.org>  


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