[SIPForum-discussion] is there a Timer for 200 OK?

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I think you mean a timer when UAS sent a 200 OK response, and waiting for
ACK from UAC, is that right?


If it¡¯s so, as far as I know, there is no such timer at the State Machine

One of the reasons is that the ACK will have a different via branch, and
hence will not be matched to the previous transaction (it¡¯s not the case
for other ¡°error¡± responses, which are dealt with by the State Machine).


Nevertheless, RFC 3261 states (, p.85), that the 2xx response should
be periodically passed by the UAS core to the transport ¨C and not using the
state machine ¨C until the ACK arrives.

The retransmission interval starts at T1, and doubles until it reaches T2
(basically like non-invite transactions).


At the implementation level, though, you could consider ¡°tricking¡± the
state machine to do the retransmission, provided you have a way when
receiving the ACK to link it with this state machine, and remove it. It
really depends on your implementation there.







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Hi,everyone in the forum!

I have a problem and want U to give me a hand

that is:

Is there a special timer started when UAS received a 200 OK response, and
this timer will fire if the UAS can't get ACK back from UAC in a period?

I found the RFC3621 just mentioned a Timer H which will start for 3**-6**







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