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Thanks! That helped me a lot.


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2833 and 4733 are virtually identical.

The payload types are dynamic.  There is no difference.  You need to be
prepared to accept any payload number assigned by the SDP.

On 12/6/07 11:20 AM, "Javier Dejo" <javierd at zyxel.com> wrote:

I will take a look to it, but then a new question: Is it backwards
compatible with RFC2833? Does a device that supports RFC4733 has to
support 2833 for backwards compatibility, as a separated thing?

Javier E. Dejo

Hi all,
I'm a newbie to this list, and to SIP, and I have a question: What is
the difference between DTMF event payload 100 and 101?
Are them both RFC2833?

I don't have an answer to your question, but I would point out that RFC
2833 has been made obsolete by RFC 4733:


So that should be the reference used when looking at this way of doing
DTMF over SIP. (i.e.  RFC 2833 should no longer be used)



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