[SIPForum-discussion] translate5522220000 to 553333000 in dial-peer voip

Gomez Leopoldo lgomez at mcmtelecom.com.mx
Tue Aug 21 13:42:57 UTC 2007

I would like to replace 5522220000 by 5533330000 in dial-peer type voip.
My gateway AS 5400 receive from PSTN 5522220000 and I want that Gateway
sends 5533330000 on leaving.
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Can you make your question more detaily? 
On 8/20/07, Gomez Leopoldo <lgomez at mcmtelecom.com.mx> wrote: 
Can somebody help me?
How can I translate the number 5522220000 to 553333000 in dial-peer
Regadrs  everybody.

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