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Creative Fusion shane at creative-fusion.co.uk
Thu Aug 16 23:33:01 UTC 2007

Im a bit of a newby with SIP Phones so please bear with me, I have a couple
of questions. 


Ive got 5 x Cisco 7940 phones which last night I upgraded / Converted to SIP
(8.6) This has worked fine, and all phones are working as they should,
however since the 'conversion' from VoiP ive noticed a couple of minor
differneces in the way the phones now work. Most of these are great but two
Id like to ammend if possible. 


1: When the phones were standard 'VoiP' phones andI wanted to make a call,
all i had to do was start typing the number I canted to call, then press the
headset / speakphone button and the numebr would be called, since the
'Conversion' ive found that pressing any of the number keys when on the
standard screen, has no effect, i have to open the line (Pick up handset /
press speaker / headet) in order to dial a number. Is there any way of
putting this back to the way it was before? 


2: Again prior to my conversion to SIP, if I wanted to put the phone into
DND mode, one of the softkeys under the screen was configured to toggle DND
allowing me to easily turn this on and off. Now that Ive chnaged to SIP, i
can only access DND via the settings menu is there a way of permanently
configuring Softkey #4 to act as a DND toggle? 


Thanks is advance for any help anyone can offer. shane at creative-fusion.co.uk

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