[SIPForum-discussion] Loose Routing and Strict routing

Lokesh Agrawal lokesh.agrawal at gmail.com
Wed Aug 8 12:57:16 UTC 2007

Hi Nazeema,

According to rfc2543
Static (or Starict) routing rewrote the Request-URI. That means the
Request-URI always contained URI of the next hop (which can be either next
proxy server which inserted Record-Route header field or destination user
agent). Because of that it is necessary to save the original Request-URI as
the last Route header field.

According to rfc 3261
The Request-URI is no more overwritten, it always contains URI of the
destination user agent. If there are any Route header field in a message,
than the message is sent to the URI from the topmost Route header field.
This is significant change--Request-URI doesn't necessarily contain URI to
which the request will be sent. In fact, loose routing is very similar to IP
source routing

For more detail and example of loose routing visit this ppt

Thanks and Regards

Lokesh Agrawal
Software Engineer
Persistent Systems (P) Ltd.

On 8/8/07, nazeema Tasneem <nazeema_guttur at yahoo.com> wrote:
> hi all,
> can anyone tell me about loose routing and strict
> routing. Wht are UA's used for it.
> thanks in advance
> nazeema

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