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Wed Sep 20 10:45:29 UTC 2006


Does the user agent server is bound to respond to every request that is
sent to it? Though RFC 3261 mention that the "SIP is based on an
HTTP-like request/response transaction model. Each transaction consists
of a request that invokes a particular method, or function, on the
server and at least one response." but it is not specifically mentioning
that a user agent has to respond to a request. I am looking for
something more concrete.

To me I think there should be a response to every request. If an
erroneous request is not responded then the end users will never know
the reason why the initiated request had failed and also keep
retransmitting the request until the expiry timer, set for the request,
fires. This will cause unwanted traffic in the network. The purpose of
the 4xx responses is to help the end users to know the cause for the
call getting dropped and moreover it will also stop the retransmission
of the requests. Hence the users can identify and rectify the errors in
the requests

Thanks & Regards,
Dhananjay Sahoo

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