[SIPForum-discussion] SIP Forum 2007 activities; reply invited

Jay Batson jay.batson at sipforum.org
Tue Dec 12 16:56:38 UTC 2006

Dear SIP Forum Members --

Your newly-elected Board of the SIP Forum met recently to discuss the  
state of the SIP industry, and what things the SIP Forum and its  
members can do in order "... to advance the adoption of products and  
services based on SIP," which is the mission of the Forum.

We think there are (at least!) four areas where more industry work  
needs done:

1) Help make Network Address Translation (NAT) / firewall problems go  
2) Help evangelize the how, when, and why of SIP over TLS;
3) Continue (restart) the advancement of the SIP Phone Profiles  
Technical Recommendation;
4) Continue the advancement of the SIPconnect Technical Recommendation.

The Board wants the SIP Forum to be a catalyst to address these  
problems.  And since the work of the Forum is done by its volunteer  
members, you can directly participate in getting this done.

Come read more about these issues, and what we want to do about them,  
at our website.  Then help us advance SIP by solving helping us work  
on these problems on one of our email lists.

We hope you'll join the rest of your industry peers in making SIP the  
best protocol possible for real time multimedia communications.


Jay Batson
Managing Director, Board Chairman
jay.batson at sipforum.org

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