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Deepanshu deepanshu at huawei.com
Wed Dec 6 02:59:51 UTC 2006

RFC4538 propose to send SIP SUBSCRIBE (for example) outside the existing dialog. For the authorization purpose the usage of 'Target Dialog' header field is purposed. Now the problem is I cannot find the need of 'Target-Dialog' header field for authorization when request (SUBSCRIBE) is sent outside the dialog. According to me if there is an existing dialog between two UA, each of them knows each other. The request can be authorized either inside the dialog or outside the dialog using Authentication/Authorization mechanism described in RFC3261.


Moreover the following line mentioned in RFC4538 put a question on usage on "Target-Dialog"


   If a user agent server receives a dialog-creating request and wishes

   to authorize the request, and if that authorization depends on

   whether or not the sender has knowledge of an existing dialog with

   the UAS, and information outside of the Target-Dialog header field

   does not provide proof of this knowledge, the UAS SHOULD check the

   request for the existence of the Target-Dialog header field.  If this

   header field is not present, the UAS MAY still authorize the request

   by other means.

Sorry!! if i'm not making sense.

Some comments are requested....




Deepanshu Gautam

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