[SIPForum-discussion] Getting SIP addresses in another way

Rodrigo Pimenta Carvalho pimenta at inatel.br
Wed Apr 19 14:20:14 UTC 2006




My question was posted here some time ago, but without getting any feedback.
Maybe the title was not good.

I have a simple doubt:


How to use a SIP system, like communication software, without knowing the
called person's SIP address, i.e., I can't know what the correct
<mailto:myFriend at domain.com> "thePerson at domain.com" address is, because I've
never talked to him before. For example: I'm new in the city where I am now
and I have a common sip phone in my hotel room. Today, I need to ask for
service from some Portuguese language teacher, because I'm in Brazil. Then,
I would like to use a kind of special SIP phone able to interpret a person's
profile and able to find the respective sip address based on such profile.
In this case, I would like to pass information to such phone, like:


-          job = "teacher"

-          price = "R$ 10,00 by hour"

-          language = "Portuguese

-          Availability = "available today"

-           City = "Rio de Janeiro"


So, I would like to define a profile and get one or more SIP addresses. It
could be like a telephone book.


Is there some work today in this direction? Is there any work to contribute
to the SIP protocol or SIP systems turning it able to discover addresses
from unknown called parts, based on just his/her profile?? If there is any
work pointing something similar to it, let me know.


Any hint will be very helpful!


Thanks a lot.


Rodrigo Pimenta Carvalho




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