[SIPForum-discussion]Unregister while SIP client is in active session

amar deep amardeep_sinha at rediffmail.com
Mon Apr 3 11:06:33 UTC 2006

Thanks Aby,

Ya, u r correct, REGISTER message would be send out of dialogue.

Eitherway.., in case, some sip client A, is in a active session with another, lets says PSTN user B. via a VOIP gateway, which has REGISTARAT as well as SIP PROXY funtionality, and SIP Client A send REGISTER message with timer expiry=0, I guess the active session will remain active.., and this call will work nornal. 

But A party will not receive and incomming call. Should that VOIP gateway send error/warning message. I think no, we are just updating the users profile.

May be if SIP client user A, during active SIP session, decides that any future call he wants to receives on his mobile or on some other SIP clients, he should update his registration . HOW ? Will it work ?

- Amar

On Mon, 03 Apr 2006 Abinash Sarangi wrote :
>hi amar,
>to clarify the first stuff,REGISTER/de-REGISTER are never in-dialog requests rather they are non-invite and out of dialog requests.So client UA should not entertain a REGISTER request in midst of an active dialog.
>If ever u r sending a REGISTER with the same call-id or context and getting a 481 then it might be a server blog.Server should send some response with Warning "not allowed"
>Abinash Sarangi
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>Hi All,
>? Can a SIP Client A, in a active session with SIP Client B, send an Unregister messsage( means Register message with timer expiry=0) , and then comes out from the loop ?
>Also if yes, the Register message(t=0) should bear same dialogue ID . But I am getting "481 Call/Transaction Does Not Exist" error message.
>- Amar
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