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H.324 is the umbrella system protocol for the delivery of conversational videotelephony over narrowband networks. H.324M refers to H.324 with Annex C (Mobile extensions). The multiplex used is described in the H.223 recommendation of the ITU-T. 3G-324M is the 3GPP adaptation which makes some additional recommendations with respect to audio/video codecs as well as the use of adaptation layers and modem operations. 3G-324M operates over the (typically 64kbps) Circuit Switched bearer of 3G and hence is totally separate from other bearers and the packet system. The 64kbps Circuit Switched bearer is unique to 3G. Setting up 3G-324M calls uses the ITU-T Q.931 protocol between handsets and the infrastructure. Within the infrastructure, ISUP is used.


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H.324m is the multiplex of video sigaling (H.245) and media (typically H.263 and either G.711 or AMR), transported over ISDN (in an H.225.0 multiplex).  In 'sip' networks, SIP takes the call setup roll of ISUP, as well as much of the media negotiation of H.245.

3G SIP networks don't need 2.5G ISDN signaling.  2.5G networks don't use SIP for call setup.

There are products that gateway between SIP/RTP and ISDN/H.225.0

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Hi Folks, I¹m doing a bit of reading on the delivery of video (and
potentially video conferencing) over mobile networks and I¹m beating my head
against a wall trying to understand the respective roles of 3G-H324M and

Am I right in assuming that 3G-324M is a short-term solution for the
delivery of multimedia over 3G networks, and at some point in the future
(presumably after IMS becomes a reality) SIP will replace it?

Or, are they complementary protocols?

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