[SIPForum-discussion] SIP Forun Webinar: Recording Now Available

Larry Schessel (lschesse) lschesse at cisco.com
Fri Jun 24 18:08:08 UTC 2005

I would like to first thank everyone who participated in SIP Forums
first Webinar discussing "SIP Test and Interoperability" and especially
thank our four speakers; Chris Gatch, Robert Sparks, James Unger, and
Gordon Beith. The Webinar was recorded for those of you who were not
able to participate. Below are the instructions to either watch the full
web recording (audio and presentation), listen to audio only, or
download the presentations. These will be on-line until July 14 at which
time they will be deleted.
Larry Schessel
SIP Forum Marketing Chairman
*** Instructions how to retrieve the recording follows ***
Log into the MeetingPlace Browser ( in this case 
https://denali2.meetingplace.net <https://denali2.meetingplace.net/>  )
Enter meeting ID 624145 and select find meeting 
Enter you name and select find meeting 
Select Past meetings
When list comes up, select your meeting
Date/Time	 Subject	 Meeting ID	 Phone Number	
6/21/2005  9:00 AM	 LSMMO60-SIP Forum	 624145
617.113772');}> 	 866-633-8639	
Click on the meeting ID link. 
Click on attachments/Recordings
Meeting Recordings	 Play	 Status	 Delete	
Web Recording  (audio and presentations) 	  
<javascript:PlayBackConference()> 	 OK	  	
Meeting Recording(19.14 MB)  (audio only) 	  
UmtgID=113772&SessionID=ADadfilpecnNmFhopfliaaodDg>  	OK	  
Select the computer Icon 
View Presentation 

Here are the instructions for retrieving meeting recordings via the

Dial the MeetingPlace phone number of the meeting.(in this case

Hit option #3( review meeting notes and recordings)

Enter the date of meeting, and meeting ID 624145

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